Cloud Conferencing

Cloud Conferencing:

Cisco Spark
Cisco Spark creates a place for teams to work together and a way to stay connected to colleagues through Cloud communication technology. Features and functions include securely sending unlimited messages and sharing files, viewing files without downloading documents so you can get a quick overview of the important bits, start face-to-face meetings with screen-sharing capabilities to facilitate decision making and meeting project schedules. You can always go back to your team’s space and catch up with anything you might have missed by reviewing historical messages. Like on-premise conferencing solutions you can collaborate on Spark using any device or end-point at anytime and anywhere, making it a convenient collaboration solution for impromptu meetings and creative sessions. Cisco Spark is highly secure with messages, files and content being protected with end-to-end encryption.

Webex Meeting Centre
Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre is an integrated conferencing solution offering audio, video and content-sharing functions to support workplace collaboration. Employees want to work with a system that is easy to use, and requires little assistance from the IT department to navigate while incorporating all the communication mediums that supports modern working. Growing working requirements from the everyday worker commands firms to implement a seamless conferencing solution which boosts employee productivity and morale. Key benefits to utilising WebEx Meeting Server are that it’s a highly-secure and highly-available platform offering instant-meeting functionality which enables faster decision-making, relationship-building through cable-less video-conferencing and working more

Cisco Ubiety
Ubiety is the latest addition to Cisco’s collaboration portfolio and offers a simple-to-use and cost-efficient solution to organisational conferencing requirements. With audio, web and video communication capabilities, Ubiety enables users to join a conference from any device and even swap devices mid-call! Additional features include wireless screen-sharing and a personal coSpace meeting room for every user so your team can host their own meetings. Ubiety is a Cloud-based solution and is based on an OPEX pricing model, and there is no contract tie-in, giving you the flexibility to control your collaboration environment.

With so many options to go with, it can be confusing and frustrating to know which solution is right for your business. Nowcomm’s experts have a great deal of experience in advising and delivering bespoke conferencing solutions that work with your business and not against it. To find out how we can help, get in touch and chat with one of our team members.