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Nowcomm Customer Advisory Alert: Cisco 4000 Integrated Services Routers

Nowcomm Customer Advisory Number: NCA02032017:15:00 


Nowcomm has been alerted that a faulty clock part may cause failure or outage in some of the following devices:

Series 4000 Integrated Services Routers

Nexus 9000 Series Switches

ASA Security Devices

Meraki Cloud Managed Switches

Specific FN product codes affected:

FN - 64230 - NCS1K-CNTLR FN - 64231 - NCS5500 Line Cards FN - 64252 - IR809/IR829 Industrial Integrated Services Routers     FN - 64253 - ISR4331, ISR4321, ISR4351 and UCS-E120 FN - 64228 - ASA 5506, ASA 5506W, ASA 5506H, ASA 5508, and ASA 5516 FN - 64250 - Cisco ISA3000 Industrial Security Appliance FN - 64251 - Nexus 9000 Series N9K-C9504-FM-E/N9K-C9508-FM-E/N9K-X9732C-EX MX 84 (Meraki) MS350 Series (Meraki)


Nowcomm has notified our Customer Services Centre, who are ready to identify and resolve any issues that may arise in any of our customer’s networks due to the above Cisco Security Advisory Alert. It is our understanding from the manufacturer reports that unexpected behaviour or problems may occur approximately 18 months following activation /  ongoing operation.

Nowcomm would like to reassure our customers that any and all concerns will be dealt with promptly, with as little to no disruption to their operations as possible. Nowcomm engineering is working closely with Cisco to ensure that business remains “as usual” for all of our clients. Nowcomm is on the alert that should a higher than expected level of failures be identified across the UK market in general, then Cisco will ensure a higher than average availability of authorised replacement spares for those customers protected by a Nowcomm support or managed services contract.

For further information about this alert please call us on 01332 821100, or email us at [email protected].

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