Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics:

Your business and customers may be reliant on systems functioning normally beyond regular office hours – but what happens when your IT team leaves and there’s a glitch? Whose there to identify the issue and work on resolving it to minimise or prevent downtime?

It’s easy and understandable for your team to want to switch off after leaving work – the last thing on anyone’s mind is to check if an alert has come through at 2am in the morning. However, as an IT Manager or Business Owner, you need to know who actually will pick up that alert at unsociable hours. It’s simple - Nowcomm will.

Let our people deal with your problems.

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In Detail

You can see trends over time which allows you to capacity plan and troubleshoot advanced issues and identify resolutions before an error has time to manifest.
Monitoring brings greater visibility, allowing you to move from reactive to proactive when approaching infrastructure management. This means we can spot issues before they negatively impact your business.
Already tried to monitor? Find it’s the last tool you look at? Too much data to try to understand and process? Our deep understanding of infrastructure ensures our monitoring services are tailor made to you and your key KPI requirements.

Evolving Technologies

Monitoring allows you to understand the inter-relationships so you can take control, improve uptime and plan future deployment effectively.

On Premise and Cloud

Our monitoring service reduces the complexity allowing more time to be spent troubleshooting the performance sooner, thus restoring service more quickly and efficiently.

Wan Service

Your existing network may not be designed to use the most optimal configuration to intelligently utilise your existing bandwidth and wider area resources. Don’t buy on hope & guesswork … buy smart & monitor your network now!


Constantly evolving technologies are increasingly connecting to, over and within your business IT infrastructure. This can make your network complex to navigate and understand.