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May 8th - The Nowcomm Building, Stanier Way, Derby DE21 6BF

How can CSO’s and the organisation’s IT Security department combat the continually evolving cybersecurity threats and defend critical business infrastructure?

Obtain hands on knowledge and training to better protect your data and systems

Information Security teams responsible for threat and vulnerability management need to confidently understand the options available to them and how to select the best option.

A powerful approach to gaining some of the insight and experience associated with the threat landscape is to map attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) of real-world situations and to simulate the attack patterns that occur “in the wild”.

Nowcomm, in association with Cisco’s Advanced Threat Solutions Team deliver our Threat Hunting Workshops across the UK to develop your hands-on security skills and extend your internal cyber security experience and knowledge.

These controlled workshop lab environments will help you uncover best practices for threat hunting for your organisation. Learn how to incorporate threat hunting into your existing daily workflow (without burning out!).

In our consultative workshop environment you will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded peers from across the industry and share experiences, strategies and techniques.

Threat Hunting Workshop places are charged at £500 + VAT per attendee.

During the workshop you will execute four real-world lab scenarios:

Session One
"Olympic Destroyer"

The Winter Olympics 2018 suffered security attacks later identified as destructive malware infecting IT systems in the stadia and on Olympic ticketing websites. Learn how the attack spread, how to resolve and restore and how to prevent similar malware from affecting your network.

Session Two

Bifrost is a backdoor vulnerability with more than 10 variants at time of writing. Bifrost uses a server - server builder plus a client backdoor program configuration. Attackers can gain access to a devices file recording and process manager, screen captures, keylogging, video recording, microphone and camera monitoring.

In this lab one of your users has been compromised. The phishing email did not contain any active code or malicious attachments. Follow the attack from entry to execution.

Session Three
"PoweLiks Trojan"

This attack installs malicious code in a registry key. Depending on the variant, the trojan may download additional malware onto the affected machine, perform click-fraud or carry out additional instructions from a remote attacker. In this lab it is early morning, your organisations malware protection dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree. Most of the clients on your network are affected. Trace the entry point, contain the attack and understand the fast-acting techniques required should you suffer similar in the real world.

Session Four
"Threat Hunting Training"

In this lab scenario you are reviewing CV’s sent to you via email for an advertised position in your department. Clicking on an innocent looking CV you notice a command prompt window pop onto the screen. Trace the path of the attack and what it has executed.

All attendees to a Nowcomm Threat Hunting Workshop are required to bring a their own laptop for participation in the training and lab environments.

(PS Nowcomm take IT Security extremely seriously and we guarantee no laptops will be harmed during these workshops! All exploits will be performed in a secure self-contained lab environment that will not affect (or infect) your own machine.)

We look forward to developing and extending your skills an expertise soon.

Threat Hunting Workshop places are charged at £500 + VAT per attendee.

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