Software Defined Networking (SDN):

Convergence is the key to unlocking efficiency, agility, flexibility and reliability within your data centre.

At the core of our converged infrastructure solutions lies a powerful fabric from Cisco capable of handling the unique demands that data centre traffic loads create. Interconnecting all elements of the NowFlex infrastructure, this network combines multiple protocols into a common, flexible and centrally-managed shared resource that greatly simplifies data centre design and streamlines management operations.

If increasing operating efficiency or driving down application deployment times through automation is on your agenda, then the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) SDN solution could be what you need. Why not check out the Infographic opposite.

We can help you through all stages of your convergence project: from capacity planning to solution design, and from implementation to its ongoing management and support.

Cisco Collaboration

In Detail

Imagine if you had a platform that could help you transform your business, plus accelerate time to revenue while reducing operational costs and deploying new services at web speed.
Nowcomm’s SDN services Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), open APIs, and advanced orchestration capabilities to provide a flexible and modular services platform.
You can also bring software programmability and virtualisation to your underlying physical hardware with the Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN). This companion platform empowers service providers with the physical and virtual infrastructure service-delivery capabilities that you can use to accelerate the deployment of innovative new services.


Improve applications and network interactions and enforce policies in real time


Allow direct network control and support automation across multivendor systems


Manage end-to-end services independent of the data forwarding gear you use


Upgrade, replace, and scale control and data forwarding products independently