Managed Wan & Lan Solutions

Managed Wan & Lan Solutions:

Many organisations have a requirement for some external network connectivity. At the very least, we depend on a quality internet connection to our locations. If we operate from multiple locations then some form of Wide Area Network is likely to be required, a way to connect all our organisation's sites together. Typically, organisations would purchase these connections from what was traditionally referred to as a Telco, and often this term is replaced with Service Provider.

The problem is, being provided with an adequate service is often the last thing the organisation experiences. Particularly when things don’t seem to operate correctly. WAN related issues such as poor application performance along with unresponsive support service hold your business back and cost you money.

Managed Wan & Lan-Solutions

In Detail

All too often the path taken is one of expensive upgrades and bandwidth increases, when cheaper more effective alternatives exist. Nowcomm’s range of SmartWAN services are designed to let you regain control and make your WAN work for your business rather than work for your Service Provider.
As an independent expert on all matters related to an organisation’s need for wide area solutions, Nowcomm can source your national and international wide area connectivity – the physical connectivity – on your behalf from one or more traditional telcos. Our experts can configure your network, manage the telco infrastructure providers and support all the devices with a service level agreement built around your needs, and not theirs.
Within our organisations, the successful operation of Local Area Network services is critical to connect our staff with corporate IT resources, with their co-workers and the outside world. Without an effectively operating LAN, the productivity of all employees is likely to dramatically fall or stop, as emails cannot be accessed, telephones may not work and probably all the files, data and databases that are stored cannot be accessed.

However, with the continued pressure on IT departments to build cloud solutions, better line of business applications, and ensure that the data and the organisation are protected from cyber-attacks, now is the time to look to an expert knowledge resource to manage and maintain the Local Area Network. Nowcomm can work as a smart resource to your existing team, around Local Area Network design and ongoing operation and management requirements. This is in addition to our standard support, and performance monitoring services. Whether you’re looking for help with first or second line support or a fully managed service, our Network Operation Centre experts are always on hand to help. We can manage as little or as much of your local area network infrastructure as you need, improving the effectiveness of your internal operation, removing the total dependency on your own internal specialised expertise and enabling the organisation to run networks, better, quicker and with lower risk.

WAN Insight

Gain deep visibility of WAN application traffic, enabling optimised performance and purchasing.

WAN Cloud

Enable informed business decisions to ensure application deployment or cloud service adoption success.

WAN Flex

Our managed WAN care solutions provide you with procurement alternatives such as wires only services. Regain control over your WAN and align its performance to the needs of your business.

WAN Rescue

Our specialists can provide independent assessments and fix on-going performance problems and unresolved issues, especially where responsibility conflicts exist.