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We all know seeing is believing and that video communication conveys those non-verbal signals that make all the difference. Almost 9 out of 10 executives “believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organisation”, so the question we ask is “why limit it to the boardroom?” Why not enable all your employees to interact with each other and with your customers and your suppliers via video?

Historically, video for the enterprise has delivered mixed results. Great when it works, but too often the reliability and performance failed, delivering a poor experience and leaving users unhappy and needing to arrange further meetings or additional journeys. With Nowcomm, those days are well and truly over. Our video solutions are latest generation capable of supporting anything from large HD systems to video apps running on a smart phone to everything else in between. Better still, all of these devices can connect together at any time, making the service usable at the touch of a button (or in many cases touchscreen!).

Video collaboration supports many business priorities: faster decision making, decreasing cost, increasing customer interaction and reducing carbon footprint are just some examples. The use of video has expanded beyond the formal meeting room conference model, to adoption and use at the desk, at home or on the move. There is no reason why with Nowcomm’s assistance your organisation could not or should not take advantage of a pervasive video environment today.

The best way to experience Cisco’s portfolio of endpoints is to test them out for yourself. Contact us direct and we will be happy to arrange a showcase visit. In the meantime, the following video demonstrates the flexibility and versatility of some of the Cisco range, just stay with the story line as the characters chase down the fictional globetrotting client “Plex”. We think it’s a more engaging way to understand the solution than reading a datasheet!

Unified CommunicationsBy NowcommVideo Conferencing By Nowcomm

Video Conferencing By Nowcomm

nOWVIDEO POWERED BY Cisco TelePresence


The Nowcomm team can help to review your other communication systems, such as existing telephony, presence and messaging environments along with any existing video platforms your organisation may already use. Our model is to enable existing working practices and systems with video features, ensuring a usable intuitive service for the employee is at the heart of the design. This runs counter to the traditional video conferencing approach, which typically installed complex to use video devices as a “bolt-on” silo technology system to the corporate environment (and the historic reason why video failed so often was due to these systems being so complex for teams and departments to successfully operate).

Our nowVideo solutions are based on Cisco TelePresence and Unified Communications technology and is available as an on-premises, cloud or hybrid solution, and with a range of management and support options to meet your organisation’s needs.

Want to find out more? Why not have a video chat direct with one of the Nowcomm team. Get in touch and if you have an iOS or Android device we should be able to connect with you, securely with voice and video – and explain how we can help you do the same for your organisation.

Unified CommunicationsBy NowcommVideo Conferencing By Nowcomm
Cisco TelePresence By Nowcomm

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If you would like to discuss how Video Conferencing or other products available from Nowcomm can help your business or organisation, call us on 01332 821100 to arrange a solutions review with one of our Product Specialists.

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