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It’s long answer to a short question. In summary, Nowcomm's strength is delivering securely the information technology solutions that best underpin your business today, and which continually improve and enhance your current operating models in the future. As part of our ongoing evolutionary approach to information technology services, Nowcomm can seamlessly provide your organisation with the IT infrastructure agility to make quick changes, and maximise the opportunities that are inherent within the modern day digital world in which we all work.

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Cisco Powered Solutions

Not all technology partners are equal. Nowcomm’s heritage dates back to our founding members’ many years of expertise developed working at Cisco. We’ve built a services and support business that provides leading industry knowledge in applying technology infrastructure for best practice use across a range of market sectors and verticals. And this is validated not only by our many customer success stories, but by the fact that Nowcomm are one of a small handful of UK companies that actively hold Cisco Gold Partner, Cisco Cloud and Master Managed Services Partner, Cisco Master Collaboration Partner designations simultaneously. These achievements have been validated via external third party audits, as has our ability to hold the Cisco Powered designations for services in data security and unified communications. In addition, Nowcomm are ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.
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Collaboration means working together to achieve a common goal. Not only do we provide leading collaboration and unified communications services to enable your organisation to meet your current and future objectives; as part of our design, delivery and support services model, Nowcomm perform our services in direct collaboration with you. This ensures Nowcomm keep our projects and services on schedule and on budget whilst minimising risk; and helps you to understand the service delivery as it progresses, ultimately exceeding your expectation.

Support Services

Nowcomm Customer Support

Nowcomm offer a range of helpdesk, technical response and remote and onsite support services to our customers. Naturally we have adopted an ITIL service lifecycle methodology to ensure we deliver an industry leading support operation. All elements of our service model are structured around Nowcomm’s own best practice techniques that our team has developed over many years. We start with a dedicated team of experts working from our UK Network Operations Centre. This forms the core business asset of the Nowcomm Customer Support Centre. Our service model is based on providing all our customers with dedicated and personalised engagement, which is wrapped around the benefits of our standards based service model. As a result, Nowcomm customers experience a consistent high calibre service, and personal touches such as our experts already having familiarity with your environment. This means you don’t have to repeatedly provide basic information to progress your request and achieve resolution, a problem we regularly identify in the wider IT industry. All of our customer support elements are wrapped in Nowcomm’s culture of continual improvement, authentic passion for technology and, naturally, our ISO 9001 standards based quality management system.
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Our help desk will ensure your systems stay secure and operational, any faults diagnosed and resolved in a timely manner. When you need assistance we are a call or a click away and have the scale to provide on-site engineers to fix a problem both in the UK and across the globe. Nowcomm’s support and services business is agile and built upon a “beat the SLA” rather than the all too familiar and negative “meet the SLA” delivery model seen in the industry. Choose the Nowcomm team and our approach will minimise any outage or down time that may occur every time, all of the time.

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If you would like to discuss Nowcomm Support or other products available from Nowcomm that can help your business or organisation, call us on 01332 821100 to arrange a solutions review with one of our Product Specialists or click to contact below.

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