hosting and dr services

hosting and dr services

If you prefer to free yourself from the constraints and demands of the physical computing and network infrastructure, then let us build and manage your cloud environment for you. It’s not a question of what cloud you move to; in reality there will probably be a need to manage and integrate multiple clouds to achieve your goals. We can do this either in your own location or in one of our secure hosting facilities.

Nowcomm’s flexible cloud and data centre services allow our customers to adopt cloud services at their own pace, and we can offer private managed cloud environments on your own premises and within our secure data centres. Public clouds are also available, as stand alone environments or they can be integrated with private clouds to deliver a hybrid model. Whether your organisation wants more flexibility and agility, in app development and rapid prototyping, or for core data applications services, or for agile scale up or throttle down capabilities, or to take advantage of improved business continuity and disaster recovery services; our data centre experts are here to ensure you don’t get lost in the fog, and your organisation gets the cloud environment and service it needs.

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