Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Protection

As our networks grow and become increasingly complex due to advancements in network technology, cybercriminals respond in kind by developing and deploying advanced malware that can evade existing point-in-time technology, such as antivirus software and intrusion protection systems. Cyber-attacks can cause havoc within your infrastructure and cause critical business activity to become disrupted or halted. Not only would this have a very real and financial impact to your organisation, the potential damage to your brand reputation could be immeasurable.

Most business owners believe that since they have already got a firewall and a security policy in place that they have covered ground base. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Advanced Malware attacks.

Even more worrying is that the types of Malware attacks we are seeing are becoming increasingly sophisticated, whilst many of the groups deploying and initiating the attacks are less sophisticated than the picture of a hacker we may have constructed from the earlier decades of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

So how do these attacks work?

Your Shop

Think of your IT network like a shop you own. There’s a door that allows your IT data or ‘customers’ to safely flow in and out with no problems. This data might be corporate emails, web traffic, web surfing activity and internal business applications that support your collaboration environment and help you to communicate inside and outside of your organisation. Typically, if a robber approaches our shop with all of the behavioural indicators of a robber we can identify their malicious intent with certainty. We can stop them by alerting the police, lock our doors and tell the security guard to keep an eye on them.

Criminal In Disguise

But what happens when the criminal is dressed in disguise, appearing like any regular customer? How easy are they to stop then? And what if they don’t steal anything, and instead copy the keys to the store, obtain the passwords and access details to the bank and the cash registers? The next day when you return to the shop you’ll find the store is locked, the name outside has been changed and no one can get inside the shop. You might also find that the bank account has been raided and all the assets of the shop are being held for ransom unless a payment is made.

Where did it come from ?

Typically, in the IT world if malware breaches your network you would have little to no idea where it came from, what devices it has affected in advance of it activating.

Once it has been activated you are then hurled into a world of fire-fighting as you apply significant resources and time into investigating the damage, recovering your systems and trying to contain the spread of the attack (which often means cutting off and switching off your own IT systems yourself).

The solutions available to you might be..

Internal resources

Tie up a lot valuable internal resources (if you have such a team at the correct level of expertise) to investigate the breach and restructuring your infrastructure, causing havoc to critical business functions during and after the attack.

Third-party company

Enlisting the services of a third-party company which will be costly in emergency situations, and the third party may not be able to provide a dramatic improvement across a very short time period.

Pay the attacker

Face the prospect of having to pay the attacker, with no guarantee that you will be given access back to your systems, even if you do pay the ransom. With little to no visibility into your network, and being inundated with alerts and threats it can leave your IT team feeling helpless, not to mention cause a great deal of stress. However, there is an alternative solution.

How Does Nowcomm’s Advanced Malware Protection Technology Differ?

Nowcomm’s expert security services and Advanced Malware Protection solution utilises the strength and global presence of Cisco’s threat intelligence network. We use this before, during and after an attempted attack. Although there’s no guarantee that an attack will never get through, our customers rest assured that our multi-layered approach to IT security is reinforced by the industry’s leading security technology. Nowcomm’s Advanced Malware Protection from Cisco is a subscription based service that is managed through a web-based management console and deployed on a variety of platforms.


Our Advanced Malware Protection solution utilises a threat intelligence network that has been built globally by Cisco, the worldwide leader in network security. This Cisco intelligence network called Talos provides a uniquely comprehensive and proactive approach to protecting our customer’s business. The Talos team are focused on providing high-quality, customer-driven security research. Today, the team at Cisco Talos identify and analyse millions of malware samples a day and this information is forwarded on to Nowcomm’s Cisco Advanced Malware Protection solutions to protect your organisation from suspicious and malicious attacks. .


When an attack happens, our Advanced Malware Protection solution performs automated and dynamic analysis of the files against more than 700 behavioural indicators, allowing your team to understand, prioritise and block threats. Additionally, our solutions block malware that may be trying to access your network in real time, allowing faster detection and automated protection. This means your own IT team isn’t overwhelmed with alerts and threat warnings back-logging their system and taking up most of your IT team’s time and resources.


The Nowcomm Advanced Malware Protection environment continues to monitor and track files once they are on your network, whether it’s a ‘good’ file or not. This means that if a file starts to develop suspicious activity in the future, our solution can alert your team about the malware, its origin and its impact on your network allowing you to contain and remediate the threat. Nowcomm’s Cisco Advanced Malware Protection environment is managed through a web-based platform, and gives you complete visibility and control over your systems, allowing you to assess the integrity of your systems. Our Advanced Malware Protection services can be configured from a single dashboard interface to monitor endpoints, devices and applications that might be targeted or compromised during an attempted attack.

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